Friday, 12 July 2013

leopard print nails tutorial!

So this is such a big trend at the moment and i would always look at nail art pics green with envy and then one night i thought why not just give it a go, so i did!

Here are examples of my own leopard print stuff, the top right being the first time i'd ever tried to do it so see its really easy! :) even on that hand that's always never as good as the other one you can do it!

Things needed are a nail art pen preferably in black as its generally looks better but you can use any and even a sharpie pen would work to be honest and as it will be on top of nail varnish there shouldn't be a problem getting it off - ive used sharpies to do dot work before.

You then need to pick the nail varnish for your base colour and then one for the dots - try to pick two colours that work together like pale blue and lilac or hot pink and orange. I've done gradients for mine but that's a whole other tutorial i promise ill get round to like tomorrow or very soon!

First step is to paint each nail with your chosen base coat and then wait until it is COMPLETELY DRY, i would wait for at least 30 minutes.

Then you need to add your dots, just do it in a random fashion, the more random the better in terms of different sizes and shapes - use mine as inspiration if you don't want to do completely free style! then wait until these are completely dry! this is crucial otherwise the nail art pen or whatever you have chosen will smudge the dots.

Now is the fun part! around the dots do semi circles leaving gaps and alternate between doing three or two depending on the size of the dot, don't worry about making the lines perfect - that's part of the beauty of the leopard print effect! and then to feel in the gaps randomly add dots, semi circles, lines ect to fill it out.

Voila! you'll look at your nails and say holy cow these are amaze balls i actually did leopard print on my own!! and then you'll probably keep doing leopard print nails for at least a week just because you can :) enjoy!

Here's a closer look at my leopard print nails i did to get a better idea of the kind of pattern if your unsure or just google leopard print nail art!

These are the nail art pens i use you can get from boots or superdrug ect £4.99 each!

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