Monday, 22 May 2017


Hello all!

I've started a new blog, to try and get back in love with blogging again and to start a fresh so I hope you will all still follow me there.

lots of love - Amy x

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Friday, 10 March 2017

LIFE: Adopting a doggy from Battersea





Now that I've bombarded you with pictures of the love of my life I should probably tell you a bit about her! This beautiful girl is called Roxy, she is 2 and a half and is a Jack Russell cross. We don't have a clue what she is crossed with so if you have any ideas let me know!

We were looking at a few of the dog adoption websites and happened to see a dog we were interested in at Battersea Old Windsor so registered there first. Roxy is not that dog, the dog we first saw was called Brody and he had a back problem bless him that would of cost over 10,000 in surgery and we just didn't have the funds to commit to that. After waiting a few weeks I called up to see if there were any dogs that matched us and there was, Roxy, but she was currently being offered to someone else on another line. The Gods must of been looking down on us because whoever that was didn't want her so we were offered her! We went to meet her that day and 4 days later she came home with us! It would of been sooner but the poor mite was booked in for her spay, which Battersea 'make' every dog that comes to them have and I happen to agree with that but the to spay/not to spay debate is not for this post!!

Preparation wise my family had a chat about what kind of dog we wanted, each persons level of commitment, who will be the main 'boss' and what will happen in regards to training and the dogs routine. This was an incredibly important step because the dog is primarily mine and then my mums responsibility so we needed to work out what everyone else was happy doing and how involved they wanted to be. It is also important because everyone needs to use the same commands other wise the poor doggy would get very confused! We read all the advice we could find online and quizzed other family members whom had had dogs before. We looked into whether we would have a home visit and it does say on the Battersea website that they do but we didn't have a home visit, I don't know if that is because they googled whether we had a garden or from chatting to us felt they didn't need to do one who knows but thinking you are going to have a home visit definitely helps you prepare better as I researched everything they may be looking for and how to fully dog proof your home ect so it is beneficial.

If you are thinking about adopting a dog, my experience with Battersea is as follows. We went to Battersea Old Windsor and registered our interested in adopting. We then whilst there had a chat with one of the team about our circumstances, what kind of dog we were looking for, how much time if any the dog would potentially be left, what our garden was like, who lived at the house, any regular visitors, any children visitors, whether you agree with spaying/neutering, if we'd had dogs before and questions a long those lines. This was so they would be able to find a dog that was a suitable match for us and us for the dog. As Brody was too much of a financial responsibility for us we were advised to keep looking on the website but our best bet would be to keep ringing the dogs home as they more often than not have dogs come in and they go so fast they don't even make it to the website which is what happened with Roxy! They don't even mind if you ring every day so don't feel like you are causing annoyance.

When I had rung up and Roxy was matched with us we went to meet her later that day. Everyone that lives at home has to meet the dog to make sure everyone gets on which luckily for us she did! She was nervous so don't be worried that doesn't reflect badly on you. I mean I'd be nervous if i was given up and then had a load of strangers come and see me! When she walked in I couldn't believe it because she is beautiful. All we knew was that she was a small Jack Russell cross so that only narrows it down a bit haha. We had said we were interested in Jack Russell's, hence being matched to one. So we all met her on the Saturday and then my dad, mum and I went back on Sunday to hopefully make her less nervous and more used to us when we went back again to take her home. She had her spay on the Monday and we picked her up Wednesday morning. I'd already coincidently had some time booked off work which really helped settle her in and I really recommend doing if you are able to. Battersea called us the next day to check how the first day had gone and then called us again I'd say two months later. The first day with her couldn't of gone any better so I'm guessing that is why they didn't ring again for some time.

Roxy is pretty well behaved in general but her Jack Russell traits do shine through haha. She has completed our family and we couldn't imagine life without her. She came home 23/11/16 so we've only had her three and a half months. We are continuing to learn everyday but the change in her from when she first came to us is incredible, she has come out of her shell and has a cracking personality and fits in with us so well! It is an incredible feeling to come home and have someone so excited to see you! She is my little shadow and I wouldn't change her for the world! We have taken her on a training course and are continuing some of what we learn't at home, I didn't agree with everything on the course and the next thing I'm trying to teach her is paw now she's mostly got the hang of the basics even if she does forget she's a lady when she gets excited haha!

What pets do you guys have? - Amy x

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Monday, 20 February 2017

HAUL: Seasonal candle update

I always like to get a few new candle scents for the different seasons and I had noticed Asda had new Yankee home inspiration stuff in and new ranges of their own.

I picked up five of the Yankee home inspiration votives. I got strawberries and cream, blueberry cheesecake, lemon meringue, pink island sunset and peaceful beach. I absolutely love the colours of these votives, they are so uplifting as are the sweet and vacation inspired scents! You can't beat the value either at £1 each!

I also picked up a pineapple shaped wax melt burner from the George home range because well it's obvious, it's so cute!! Anything pineapple shaped and I'm gunna buy it! I like that the top is so deep so I'm not worried about the wax spilling over, it fits large tea lights in and just looks so cute and has summer/warmer weather vibes. I think this was £4/£5 - definitely affordable to spruce up your living space.

To go with the pineapple wax melt burner I also got some wax melts in blueberry crush which leads me on nicely to my next purchase. I picked up the blueberry crush jar candle. They had a few other summery scents but this was my favourite by far. It is really sweet and uplifting, It smells so much like my favourite sweets which are the gummy pink and white milk bottles from Wilko. I believe it was £4 and the jar is so pretty you could definitely reuse it so for the strength of smell and visual factor it is a cracking deal. The style of this reminds me of the next candles which are over double the price so it's a no brainer really!

Have you tried any of the new Yankee home inspiration of George home scents? Any other candle recommendations? Send them my way! - Amy x

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Friday, 3 February 2017

HAUL: Iceland & Duty Free

It doesn't matter where I go, if there's a mall you can be sure I will find it and if I have to pass duty free then I will sure as hell go shopping haha. In all honesty I was a bit of a prat and thought Iceland wouldn't really have any shops but that was kinda stupid of me as people live there sooo well done Amy! Anyways point is I did indeed find a mall as well as going into all the touristy shops at every stop along the way also! In case you go to Iceland, the mall I found was right outside of Reykjavik and is called Kringlan, has the most amazing tiger shop I've ever seen among other things including a big superstore kinda like Tesco but way better because it has a huge NYX stand and high end stuff and there was even a free bus transfer from the city center so there you go!

Anyways the first two images are from duty free at Heathrow Airport and I was super excited because they had Nars and Tom Ford so I could finally buy the Nars concealer (Chantilly) and a Tom Ford lipstick (Indian Rose) at a slightly nicer price! For my Mac lipstick to remember the trip by (I've brought one for every trip I've gone on starting when I went to Paris) I went for On and On as it kinda reminded me of the Northern Lights and hoped it would bring me luck (It did but more on that in another post!) I also picked up UD Ultimate Basics, UD liquid moondust in Zodiac which again kinda reminded me of the Northern Lights and Mac Liptensity in Blue beat.

Some Icelandic touristy stuff and as always postcards are a must! The magic symbol necklace is for good sleep and it's either the necklace actually working or having a dog but either way I no longer have insomnia *parrrrrrrtaayyy* I friggin' LOVE the coaster "Don't fuck with Iceland! we may not have cash but we've got ash." It reminds me of the epic tour guide I had for two of my excursions and is pretty funny if you remember that ickle volcano that caused all that drama haha. The lucky lava did indeed bring me luck too!

I had to get a memento of the Blue Lagoon so I went for picking a few travel sized things so I could try more and it wasn't as extortionately expensive haha. I got a body scrub, moisturiser for face and body, silica mud mask and toner. These were still ridiculously expensive but yano how often do you go to the blue lagoon and this deal wasn't at the airport so I'm glad I brought it at the blue lagoon as you can get some blue lagoon products in duty free/some shops in Iceland.

My last full day was spent shopping and later that evening seeing the Northern Lights. When you go on tours they can be 9 or 10 hour days so I treated myself to a lay in and then perused the shops! To my surprise (although when you think about it not so surprising because some of the Icelandic land is technically in America) there was the biggest NYX counter/size of a small shop I had ever seen and I was finally able to get my hands on the two nyx lip lingerie's I had wanted that always seemed to be sold out in boots! I got exotic and embellishment along with a lid lingerie as I hadn't seen the ones for your eyes before, a pot of glitter as it is something I don't have in my stash at home and it looked amazing for my work's xmas do and a pretty lip liner.

Last but by no means least, The Iceland side of duty free!! some of these things definitely weren't cheaper but the Chanel nail varnish and Clarins instant light perfector were on sale so win! I also picked up a mini Clinque moisture surge because I have been wanting to try it for a while, as well as a mini Smashbox photo finish primer water as I have the Freedom or Makeup Revolution cheap version, can't remember which brand and actually for me personally they are no different but still nice to use all the same. I also picked up some little Real Techniques sponges and the Smashbox camera ready BB water which I'm really enjoying.

I also got a few other things like Xmas decorations as depending on the time of year that also seems to be a tradtion and various presents including two tiny tiny tiny (I'm talking little jam jar size you normally get with scones) pots of honey for £10 each haha. Apparently it was special honey so who knows, they were presents so I'll never find out haha, damn you confusing exchange rate. I also got quite a few Icelandic shots that I will probably never drink because they look too nice lined up with my Gullfoss shot glass, I'm sentimental like that hah, anything is a souvenir!!

Now that I have my ickle rescue doggie Roxy, I won't be going on holibobs for quite some time and my bank balance sure as hell thanks me haha although I just spoil the dog now!! I'm gunna write a post all about her and the adoption process for Battersea so keep a look out if you are interested in that. I can honestly say Iceland was the most amazing life affirming trip I have ever been on, even more so than New York and so I can't wait to share my Itinerary and pictures with you! - Amy x

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Thursday, 2 February 2017

HAUL: Iceland duty free Bath & Body Works

I literally squealed with joy when I saw the Iceland airport had bath and body works products! If you ever go to Iceland, only the shop you can go into by baggage claim has the big candles so if you want them buy them then and wrap them up nicely in your case on the way back. It isn't cheap and I got in a bit of a muddle trying to work out how much it would be in pounds and spent a bit more than I realised haha but s'all good! Iceland has a lot of american stuff in general but of where it is positioned so it is a pretty cool place for shopping if you go to a mall and the duty free is awesome!

I'm obsessed with the mini antibac gels so I had to pick up a load more because I loved my ones from New York so much. It is just nice for an everyday product so be jazzed up a bit! I also picked up a body spritz because I had previously brought the pear margarita body lotion when I arrived and really liked the scent.

I used the pear margarita body lotion whilst out there as because of the cold my skin was getting incredibly dry and it was really nice and actually worked so I picked up another one!

So I was in Iceland in November time, hence all the Christmas stuff and as I was in New York in march I wasn't able to get anything season specific so I was excited to try some of their festive range. I knew I liked all the formula's and I wouldn't be going somewhere I could buy bath and body works any time soon so I went in haha. All the Christmas scents aren't overly festive so I can definitely get away with wearing/using them all year round, even the body spritz.

what is your favourite Bath & Body Works product? - Amy x

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

HAUL: Illamasqua sale

I went in on the Illamasqua sale, actually of all the end of year sales Illamasqua is always my favourite because it is a spot on quality brand and the discounts are insane! This isn't actually everything I've got because I just placed another cheeky order hehe. I've tried some of this stuff already so I can give you mini reviews on some of it.

Demise palette I absolutely love this. It comes with a matte black, amazing creamy white highlight which is perfect for the inner corners of your eyes and also as a cheek highlight, a lovely shimmery burgundy/plum and a cream cranberry colour with gold specks which looks beautiful dabbed in the middle of your lids to create a halo effect.

Cream pigment in Mould This looks gorgeous blended out on the eyes but also makes for a really interesting lipcolour, I have already got a lot of use out of it and it was a product I wasn't sure I'd use but was interested in it so I am so glad I brought it. 

Eyeshadow in Vapour. I LOVE this colour. The quality of Illamasqua eye shadows is second to non and this is a beautiful orange/mustard mix that I have worn three days running so far! 

Vintage metallix in Bibelot which is a stunning khaki green. I have only swatched this so far but so far so good and I love the slight shimmer.

Lipstick in Shard This is a really pretty red/plum colour which a slighty sheerer finish going by the swatches online. It isn't one I've tried yet but it looks like such a pretty colour so I'm excited to get using it!

Lip slick stick in True. This is a really pretty pinky nude liner which obviously I needed *I only have like 10 I mean I NEEDED another nude lipliner haha* It isn't as smooth as I'd like formulation wise but once it's on it doesn't budge so swings and roundabouts and I really like the colour.

Hydra veil primer This is a sample size because I spent so much haha. I have had a sample of this before but it was in a tube so it's cute they've now made a sample size pot like the bigger ones and this stuff is seriously good!

Radiance veil I tried this stuff for the first time today and I really like it. It gives a subtle all over glow and doesn't make me look paler or darker like the body shop radiance primer does so I am chuffed I finally have a primer like this that is the perfect colour for me and doesn't make my skin tone look weird.

Illamasqua products are winners for me, stand outs are definitely their eyeshadows because they blend like an absolute dream! I used the demise palette and vapour shadow to create a sunset eye today and even if I do say so myself it looked so good! *Nothing like blowing your own trumpet haha*

Did you pick up anything in the Illamasqua sale? I've been seeing lots of Instagram hauls so If you've written a blog post don't hesitate to leave a link! - Amy x

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

UPDATED: Makeup collection/storage

The last time I did one of these was about two years ago! I can't believe it's been that long. My collection/storage has changed a few times since then but I've just had a change around/sort out and I'm really happy with it so I thought I'd share. I have a chest of drawers that's 2/3 full and two helmers from Ikea where everything is stored.

On top of the chest of drawers I have my most used brushes and No7 mirror which I love! To the left I have my high-end palettes so that I can actually see them all and make use of them!! My favourites atm are the ABH modern renaissance palette and Tarte rain forest of the sea palette

To the left is a cute little set up I love of cacti candles from primark and a fake plant book, it's actually a notebook! I also keep my cotton pads in a recycled yankee candle jar. To the right you can see my chest of drawers and helmer's. I use a dymo embossing label maker so I know what is in each drawer and it makes it so much easier to find exactly what I'm after!

This is the top drawer of the chest of drawers and it is basically heaven on earth! To the left I have liquid lipsticks and glosses and to the right I have solid lipsticks, palettes and all my other brushes. I've labelled the top of all of them so I can just glance and pick one I fancy which means I should hopefully get more use out of all of them and there are a lot haha. To do this I used A LOT of Hofta drawer dividers from Ikea, they are really easy to use, you just cut them to size and hey presto!

I have done the same with my nail varnish so that I can see all the colours I have and pick which ones I fancy so I should get more use out of them. To the right I have my top and base coats as well as remover ect and to the back I have a bag full of halloween/sfx makeup.

Here you can see my helmer's more closely with everything labelled and they go down in order of how I would apply everything so it makes applying my makeup a blissful dream and I can actually see all of my options.

This is the concealer, primer and setting spray drawer.

This is the foundation and powder drawer. I really need to downsize this more, no one needs that many foundations haha.

This is my bronze, contour and blush drawer. It is great I can see everything because I definitely neglect these in my routine so seeing everything and it being in order makes it so easy for me to use!

In this drawer I have my large high street contour/highlight/blush palettes including an urban decay palette that shouldn't be in there and my single high lighters. My favourites atm are Jeffree Star Lavender snow and Becca Champagne pop. To use the Hofta dividers in the helmer drawers I just cut them down vertically and horizontally.

This is the first of my eye drawers and in here I have colourpop shadows, cream shadows, pigments, single shadows, primers and mascara. My favourite's at the moment are definitely colourpop, the formula is AMAZING.

In this eye drawer I have eye sticks, liquid liner, brow products, pressed glitter and liners and kohl liners.

In here I have my high street eye shadow palettes as well as Tanya Burr shadows in one of the freedom magnetic palettes and makeup geek shadows in the other as well as a freedom banana powder and contour powder.

This drawer houses extra tools and makeup brush cleaner.

Onto skincare! I have my skincare routine in my bedroom so the next two drawers are over flow if you will. It mostly houses masks and travel sized/smaller products so when I run out of something this is where I go fishing!

In here I have my larger skincare products which mainly consists of micellar water, makeup wipes, even more masks and various other bits and bobs.

Last but by no means least I have a drawer full of empty makeup bags which honestly I never use because I just chuck products in my bag haha.

My hair products are stored in my room as that's next to the bathroom so makes more sense! So that's my updated makeup collection, If you see anything but can't see the label, let me know and I'll be happy to tell you! Also if you want a review of anything let me know! - Amy x

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