Saturday, 15 October 2016

HUGE high-end duty free haul!

I have recently been on holibobs to Portugal. It was lovely to spend time with the family, especially the ickle ones! The weather was ridiculously hot, it got to 30 degrees and for someone that doesn't like the heat damn it was hot but it made the slightly chilly sea all the more inviting! I didn't wear make-up the whole time I was on holiday as it would of just melted off and playing with the kids in the pool was much more important! However I did make use of duty free on the way there and during my delay on the way back haha! Some of these are duty free exclusives but well worth it if you are off to the airport soon as will I be in just under a month to Iceland woohoo, bit of a difference in weather but I'm excited hah!

First up are a few very naughty purchases in the form of two YSL palettes and a Rouge Volupté Shine. The lip palette is incredible,called The Extremely Versatile lip palette, exclusive to duty free I must add, and the shades are all ones I would wear. Let's be honest you don't expect anything less from YSL! From left to right I believe we have Coco Givrée, Pink in Confidence, Coral intuitive, Pink in Paris, Le Rouge, Fuchsia, Fuchsia in Excess and Prune in Fire and the numbers/formula's are Volupté Sheer Candy N° 1, Rouge Volupté Shine N° 8, Rouge Volupté Shine N° 13, Rouge pur Couture N° 1, Rouge pur Couture N° 19, Rouge Volupté Shine N° 5 and Rouge Volupté Shine N° 18. The other palette is called the Very YSL fuchsia edition make-up palette and features 4 eye shadows, two lip products and a blush. The eye shadows are gorgeous, especially the taupe colour with the darker purple just in the corner for an everyday look and the light purple and pink are great for the inner corner and also work as highlights! The two lip colours are called rose pale and rose fonce, the blush is radiance #4 and the eye shadows are from top to bottom ombre solo #4 and ombre lumieres #9, #4 and #8. I'm getting the name direct from the packaging for this which is in french so if they don't make sense I'm sorry, I've tried!

I always make a point to get a mac lipstick on my travels and this time was no different (although the tradition of getting a lip product for a trip started with Chanel but meh, the last two have been mac!) I choose Capricious which is a lustre because although I was going somewhere hot, It is now autumn at home so I thought this browny reddy toned berry shade would be perfect and subtle enough for me to wear everyday, I don't know why I've not heard of it before, it is a lovely shade. I also picked up a MAC 217 because owning one isn't enough haha.

I got a roller ball of the Viktor&Rolf flowerbomb fragrance in New York and I knew eventually I would get the full size so shopping in duty free felt like the perfect time! It is a gorgeous complex fragrance, you really need to give this one a sniff! I believe this travel set is exclusive to duty free as it comes with a body lotion and the 50ml eau de parfum. This set is perfect for me as I love feeling like I'm getting something extra for the same price as the parfum on it's own. The bottle is just all the heart eyes, it looks as pretty as a picture sat on my dressing table/desk.

Now we are into the I have a huge delay and a 10% voucher sod it territory haha. Previously I have only tried one lipstick from Dior so I wanted to branch out. I've heard a lot about the Dior spray foundation and wanted to try it for myself and so far I love it. It's light, gives a gorgeous satin finish to the skin and is zero fuss! I also picked up the Diorshow mascara which I really like. The wand is perfect and really gets at all my lashes and gives me a fluttery effect and there's no smudging during wear, it is a great every day mascara.

I've wanted a high-end face powder for a while now, I have the Hourglass ambient light compact in dim light I believe but I just wanted a 'standard' one, not that Chanel is standard haha. I was into my second hour of being delayed with two more hours to go, armed with a 10% voucher from already hitting up duty free (whoops) I thought sod it and brought some products I'd been lusting after for a really long time. I have heard so much about this powder and it doesn't disappoint. It makes my skin look smooth, radiant and feels super soft. I think it does have the tiniest bit of shimmer in it if you look closely in the pan but nothing compared to the Hourglass ambient light powder and I quite like that it does because it does give a really nice natural radiant effect because sometimes powder can make me look a bit flat and cakey but this doesn't.

These were definitely blogger inspired purchases, actually just the anna edit inspired purchases as she is always talking so highly of the Clarins Instant Natural Light Lip perfectors. I originally just brought one from Gatwick, 01, as its a goes with anything soft natural pink and gives a lovely wash of colour but I liked it so much I picked up 08, a more autumn appropriate shade, on the way back! They give a lovely subtle wash of colour, are super comfortable to wear and make my lips feel super soft. I want more colours now!

Continuing with the autumnal/winter shades I picked up two other lip products I have been lusting after for a while. On the left is the Lancome Juicy Shaker in Berry in love. This is SO comfortable to wear as it is formulated with oil which you make think feels gross but it feels lovely and smooth on the lips. The colour is a lovely subtle true berry shade and fades to a lovely stain. I also picked up a Clinique pop in Love pop, a beautiful reddy berry shade with tiny tiny flecks of gold shimmer, untraceable on the lips but it makes it a really pretty and unique shade.

I said to myself no more makeup after this but considering I was already waiting for a few online orders, whoops, that was never going to happen! So you can expect to see Kylie cosmetics, Cult Beauty, Kat von D and Colourpop hauls coming your way soon! I will also be off to duty free again soon as well but I think I will try to be more controlled this time although I'm racking up the overtime with photography work so who knows! Thank you brain for letting me get some overtime in is all I'm sayin'! - Amy x

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Hi my names Amy and I have bpd.

I've wanted to write a post about this for a while but have never had the confidence to do so. It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I realised just how important it is to talk about mental health, especially issues that have a bad rep or are less common and less understood. From time to time I post images on my twitter to explain how I'm feeling, normally in the middle of the night so no one takes any notice but for some reason it makes me feel a bit better that I've got how I feel out even though I am conflicted in wanting people to know what I have and not. On this occasion someone actually took note of an image I had posted (said image is above, hours are spent searching Pinterest when I'm having a particularly bad night) and said 'I feel you I have the same and we are stronger for it' and I just thought wow finally someone else I actually know has the same as me, I'm really not the only one and she's right we are stronger for it.

So bpd is borderline personality disorder and for me personally I am high functioning as I am able to go to work all be it not consistently full time (I'm on a part time contact and take on varying amounts of over time depending on how I'm feeling) and I'm able to wash my hair, get out of bed and get dressed (all be it challenging at times) and it generally goes undetected that anything is actually wrong or I like to think so. So how does having bpd make me feel... Imagine someone gives you a weird look (for me this could be entirely made up and actually they may have just been finishing a yawn or whatever) and feeling like they've just told you to go fuck yourself, that's kinda how I feel about everything. I may give someone a present and they say they like it, that's a good thing right, but for me I think well they've only said they liked it not it's amazing and the best present they've ever had they must think it's shit and I literally feel like I've been punched in the throat. I can be unreasonably angry at someone because they've moved my bag even though it was my fault for leaving it on the table and they only hung it on a door handle about a foot away! Most of the time I internalise all this angry annoyance and upset and eventually I will snap but at the people I love most who are only trying to help. I'm constantly questioning whether I'm acting reasonably or not.

When something good happens I get extremely overly happy, I could of just found a pound in my jeans pocket but I'm fucking buzzing about it or I managed to get to the dump or bank before it closed or I've got lots done or brought a bargain and then I get annoyed that people aren't as happy about it as me like duh it's only the dump Amy, chill. I'm so eager not to offend anyone 9 times out of 10 I say yes to things I don't want to do like over time at work or eating at a certain restaurant even though I don't like the food ect, spending so much time doing stuff you don't want to do just so you don't upset anyone kinda sucks and then I harbour resentment when all the time I've had this narrative in my head and whoever I'm with is none the wiser but by this point I'm probably acting like an irritated dick. When I'm happy I'm happy on another level, I will dance in the middle of the shop floor, make jokes and feel completely elated which you would think would be amazing but from feeling so good to feeling paranoid about whether I've offended someone with a joke I've said can be an emotional

Unlike bipolar my 'happy' episodes can last between an hour to a day or being extremely elated and then feeling up may last a few days and like wise my 'low' episodes may last a few days to a few weeks instead of a longer period of time like bipolar so it's very up down up down with only some time in between. It's hard to explain to someone how you are feeling when one minute I could be fine and the next I could be absolutely fuming or elated, my head it's like a whirlwind. I think yes I feel good I got this to no no no I want to hibernate today. It can sometimes be extremely hard to be motivated to even get out of bed and do general day to day things like washing my clothes or making the effort to make dinner and not just eat shit but at the same time I can have a run of days where I get so much done. I find myself constantly lying about when I've actually got out of bed because I constantly feel judged for being lazy when actually I'm just struggling and if I had the energy and motivation to get up and get stuff done, I so would!

I might be asked what's wrong and if I reply with someone moved the salt and I couldn't find it and I'm acting like someone has just slashed my tires, it makes me ilook bat shit cray. All the time I'm wondering have I annoyed someone when I've not done anything or I probably didn't talk loud enough but I can't help thinking no they hate me yada yada which is really bloody annoying as it's not acting rationally the majority of the time and getting myself upset for no reason and having to ask my sister am I in the right should I be annoyed?

Basically what I guess I'm trying to say is, if you know someone with bpd please bare this in mind as personally for me this is how I feel and I'm sure those with bpd will relate. Please know I'm not intentionally acting out, it's just something that's gone pear shape in my brain I can't control and truly wish I could and I don't intentionally mean to get angry and act unreasonably, it genuinely feels like I have been truly wronged even if rationally I haven't and I truly believe in the moment people should feel just as elated as me and feel wronged when they don't. Most importantly I don't choose to be this way and I'm fighting every day to overcome my emotions and act and react in a reasonable way. It may not even be remotely obvious there is anything wrong and for me that is because I am extremely good at internalising my feelings but that is extremely damaging to me and damaging to my family when I do finally snap. Please even if you can't understand bpd, don't belittle it because for many it is a constant conflict going on in their minds and a small bit of support can make an amazing difference. If your feelings are hurt by someone that has acted out please know, that I and I'm sure others beat themselves up enough and will eventually realise we were in the wrong be it a minute later or a few hours, especially if I'm snappy at my mum I always feel like absolute shit and make sure I apologise but luckily for me my mum is amazing and understands I don't choose to be a dick and because I love her I let my guard down more. There are other things that are huge factors for me personally and most likely others that I don't feel comfortable talking about at the moment but maybe one day! If you have any questions or want to react out just spend me a message on Twitter or email me (it's in the side bar) and I will be happy to start a conversation.

I wish other people could be as understanding as my mum but alas the stigma is still strong with depression, so trying to get people to understand something that is talked about even less feels like an impossible task. Basically just be kind to people because you don't know what is going on behind closed doors. I wish I felt comfortable enough to say no I don't want to do this today because I am having trouble with my mental health but alas that just doesn't seem to be acceptable so I just do what I don't want to yet again. Hopefully one day we can all be respectful enough to one another to be freely able to talk about mental health in a way that isn't damaging or belittling.

So hi 👋🏻 my names Amy and I have bpd.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Kylie Cosmetics KOKO K

I finally caved, set my alarm a while back and snagged myself Koko K. I really didn't know what shade to go for so did a lot of swatch searching online and decided on Koko K because Gabriella (Velvet Ghost) reviewed it and I think my skin tone is pretty similar to hers before she tans and it looked like a super pretty shade on her so I went for it! I was a bit nervous as on some people Koko K can look really light (which is why I paid attention to the persons skin tone when I was looking at swatches so it matched mine) but it is literally my perfect nude. I normally go for darker toned nudes so I have nothing like this in my collection already which is always a good thing and it is the sort of shade where I feel completely comfortable wearing it to work ect and don't feel like it is screaming look at me I have lipstick on haha oh I'm weird.

I would say the above picture represents the shade the most accurately. I took these images outside so the light was constantly changing so that is why the shade looks different in the bottom picture, It definitely isn't that much terracotta in tone!

The lip pencil and liquid lipstick match in colour perfectly. The pencil is so creamy, comfortable and easy to use, maybe a bit too creamy as after two uses it needs to be sharpened, like now my bad haha but it really is amazingly comfortable to use and doesn't drag your lips at all.

The liquid lipstick itself is as light as a feather on, I often forget I've even got anything on and it stays put whilst eating! I am surprised by how much I love the shade, it's a beaut!

The ordering process was fine. I was getting sweaty palms having to keep refreshing and go like the wind to put it in my basket and check out haha but it was fine. Making an account prior definitely sped up the process. I think unless it is a new release it is a lot easier to order now anyways. It arrived really quickly, in a matter of days, considering it came from the US. I didn't get a customs charge, I'm guessing because it was only slightly over the £15 limit whoever checked it was feeling nice and let it go? Anyways I am not complaining! If I did have to pay customs it is usually 20% of the total cost so just bare that in mind if you plan on buying a few things.

Would I buy more? Yes. I wouldn't just buy one on it's own again because the price of shipping means it is kinda expensive for just one product ($29 plus $14.95 shipping) although I guess you get two things in the set but If I was buying a few things together I definitely would to make the most of the shipping cost.

Have you managed to try anything from Kylie Cosmetics? Would you pay that much for a product?
Talk soon - Amy x

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Melt Cosmetics ordering process and haul!

I have been a follower of Melt Cosmetics right from the beginning on Instagram and before that following both Lora and Dana whom created the company and they have come a long way! I got a liptsick, Belladonna II, for Christmas a couple of years back and the formula is insanely good so I had always wanted to get more and then they came out with eyeshadow quads and then more recently singles and I just thought sod it customs charge come at me!

The whole ordering process was pretty standard, I received updates on my order about processing and when it had been shipped with tracking so I could excitedly watch it on it's journey! I had to get in contact with them as the shipment tracking said that my parcel has been delivered and they were extremely helpful and advised I check the tracking number on the royal mails website and hey presto I was able to see that the parcel was at my local delivery depot waiting for me to pay a customs charge, yay haha. The order came to $106 and because of that I got free shipping because I spent over $100. USPS standard is $10 normally or the USPS Priority with tracking is $25 and I am guessing that is what I had because I did get a tracking number so I would definitely advise getting your order to over $100 'cause hell I would rather more makeup than paying for shipping! In terms of the customs charge I had to pay it really wasn't that much at all. It was only £22, I wanna say £22.20 but I can't quite remember, It was £22 something! Which included an £8 'handling fee' from Royal Mail, cheers for that! Basically the customs charge wouldn't put me off ordering again.

First up I picked up the Love Sick stack because the shades I mean come on *heart eyes*. The formula is amazing, the pans are huge, more like the size of blush pans than standard eyeshadow pans and the shades are all kinds of awesome. You can create a really pretty unusual smokey eye with this stack. The shadows are incredible pigmented, last on the lids and do not crease. My favourite shade is promiscuous because it is kinda duochrome, in some lights it's purple and in others it's slightly blue. I don't have any other shades like this in my collection and the packaging is so cool, it is magnetic so that just kinda stick together and then you can spread them out like above to use and they are still connected and the stacks also come with a mirror.

I also picked up a single in blurr because I kept seeing it online and it is the perfect transition shade as the name would suggest but it really is and it works with so many different shades. Again the formula is amazingly smooth, there's no fallout, it lasts on the lid and is just a winner all round to be honest. I also brought a mirror for this one as well because it was only $3. Obviously I could of just attached it to the love sick stack but I'd rather it was separate.

I also picked up two lipsticks. The left in Darkroom and the right in Laced. Darkroom was limited edition and I was gutted when I couldn't get it but they made it part of the permanent line so I knew it had to be mine! It is a stunning deep raspberry wine colour and it is perfect for autumn so I can't wait to start wearing it! Laced is part of the nude collection and an unusual choice for me because I don't often go for true nudes because they tend to look weird on me but this one is really nice! It is just dark enough to not make me look weird and kinda has an ashy almost lilac tone to it with a bit of a terracotta vibe, it's a really unusual pretty shade. They are both matte and their staying power is insane which is why I knew I wanted more after getting Belladonna II because you can even eat a whole meal and this lipstick isn't going anywhere!

So that is my Melt Cosmetics experience and haul. Have you tried anything from this brand? (If you haven't you need to!) - Talk soon, Amy x

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Beauty bay haul!

So I've been online shopping quite a bit and remembered about I found out about this site when I was looking for UK stockists of Melt Cosmetics and saw they had some of their lipsticks on the site but kinda just forgot about them. That was until I made it my mission to own the modern renaissance palette without having to get it shipped from the US! As you can see mission complete and they also have quite a wide range of US brands such as Makeup Geek, Gerard Cosmetics, L.A Girl ect.

So here is what I picked up! I got the Morphe M501 brush as I was watching a Lily Pebbles youtube video and she said she was recommended it for highlighting and it is the perfect sized brush and as I knew I wanted a glow kit, I had to get this too. It is soft, doesn't shed, picks up the perfect amount of product and like Lily said, It really is the perfect size.

After hearing so much about MUG shadows I knew I wanted to try some for myself and at just under a fiver they are way worth the money. The quality and pigmentation is easily comparable to mac, if not better with some shades of mac I have. I chose (left to right) Peach smoothie as it is the perfect all over the lid and transition colour, Cocoa bear because it is a gorgeous orange toned brown and I am already thinking about autumn haha and Havoc which is a gorgeous duochrome shadow and is very much similar to the duochrome shade in wet n wild's comfort zone palette but easier to get hold of! The formula is great, they are soft and smooth but there is no fall out, they last all day on my lids and do not crease at all. There are a range of amazing colours and the formula is spot on, what more could you want!

The whole reason for this haul, I picked up the Modern Renaissance palette. I mean look at it in all it's glory. It has already been well loved! The shades are just like my dream palette, there isn't one I don't like. I am very much an orangey, pinky, brown, warm toned shadow kinda girl so this palette is what dreams are made of. The primavera shade is AMAZING for creating a halo look, golden orchre is my favourite all over shade and I love using buon fresco in my crease and love letter in the outer corner for an every day look. The quality and pigmentation is amazing and the brush that comes with it is pretty bloody good too!

I also got the glow kit in Gleam. It. Is. Beautiful. The pigmentation is just all kinds of yes. The colours can be layered up to create something really unique or look beautiful on their own. My favourite is probably starburst but I honestly use all of them, there isn't one I'm not found of. It creates a stunning highlight, there is nothing I hate more when you buy a highlight that looks beautiful in the pan but doesn't translate onto the skin, no such issue with this. People think The Balm highlighters are intense, the glow kit is Mary lou-manizer on steroids and if you think about it each highlight is actually less than one Mary lou-manizer if you divide the total cost of the palette by 4 and compare it to The Balm's being £16, the glow kit is also a cracking deal! Beauty bay currently appear to be out of stock but it is on for £39.00.

So that's my very much US based beauty bay haul. I love that US brands appear to be becoming so much easier to get hold of now and I'm especially excited for next pay day so I can place an order on the colour pop website as they now ship to the UK because obviously I need more makeup...Duh! Haha.

Talk soon - Amy x

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Friday, 12 August 2016

HUGE New York drugstore haul and review

Not only did I spend a lot on high-end makeup when I went to NYC, I also spent just as much in the drugstores, my bad! This is a combination of Walgreens, Duane Reade, Target and CVS. I was literally in heaven, especially going into Target, it was all my store dreams rolled into one haha but seriously going into a shop you've heard so much about as well as seeing all these brands and makeup you've only ever seen online, for someone that loves makeup it is pretty cool! So I've had this stuff for a while so I can give you a little review of everything too and what I think is worth getting.

Bases, contour and cheeks:

Elf blush palette, sonia kashuk bronze and blush, wet n wild blush, wet n wild illuminating palette, wet n wild contouring palette, milani baked blushes and physicians formula insta ready contour stick.

Elf hydrating face primer, sonia kashuk radiant+ tinted moisturizer, nyc smooth skin foundation, covergirl outlast stay fabulous foundation, elf contouring brush, wet n wild photo focus fixing spray.
Base products that I think you should check out include the Elf hydrating face primer because it feels amazingly fresh to apply and my foundation goes on super smoothly when I use it and doesn't make it feel like I'm tugging my skin like others do. I also love the Covergirl stay fabulous foundation as it is a great colour match, goes on smoothly and lasts. The wet n wild setting spray is also really good and comparable in quality to the urban decay original setting spray in my opinion. The other thing I didn't love was the NYC foundation as I only brought it because it was 86 cent and thought it would be dark enough to be used as a contour but actually it's too light for that and too dark as a foundation so I ended up giving it away, nothing wrong with the formula though.

Cheek products I really rate are the Milani baked blushes, they are absolutely stunning colours, applying beautifully and actually last on my skin and it is really nice to have a subtle shimmer for a change as previously I would always go for matte cheeks. I also really love the sonia kashuk bronze and blush duo. The blush is a beautiful orangey peach and the bronze looks like it would be way too much but actually looks stunning on the skin and isn't glittery or ridiculously shimmery like it looks it would be. Another highlight pardon the pun haha is the wet n wild highlight palette, I love swirling all the colours together and it creates a stunning intense highlight but can also be used with a light hand. To be honest I love all the cheek products I got hah!


Covergirl the super sizer mascara, wet n wild fanatic cat eyes, barry m that's how I roll (from heathrow airport), wet n wild eye brush, wet n wild colouricon kohl liner and wet n wild nude eyeliner.

These mascara's are the friggin' I wish I had brought more of the wet n wild and cover girl ones but I think I can get them on Amazon. The super sizer and fanatic mascaras REALLY give my lashes length and volume and they are comparable to the likes of Tarte's lights, camera, lashes and my favourite Lancome hypnose drama mascara. The Barry m mascara is really good for the bottom lashes as the brush disperses the product evenly so you aren't left with unattractive clumpy lashes underneath and it doesn't transfer on me.

Wet n wild eye shadow trio's in silent treatment and I'm getting sunburned, wet n wild glitter in brass, bleached and groupie, wet n wild eyeshadow in brulee and wet n wild comfort zone palette.

Maybelline colour tattoo in deep forest, elf eyeshadow quad, elf all over colour stick in pink and wet n wild glitter in binge.

My favourite eye products are the wet n wild pressed glitters, for the price (between $1-$2) they are amazing!!! The wet n wild palettes in general are incredible but my favourite is the comfort zone palette especially the bottom right definer shade, it is a stunning duo chrome shade. The elf products weren't amazing however the were from the dollar section so yano, you've gotta try these things haha.


Nyx lingerie in teddy and honeymoon, nyx liquid suede in stonefox and soft spoken and nyx butter lipstick in pops.

Nyx for lip products is always a win. The formula is always spot on and they have great nudes as well as more unusual colours. I got the Nyx lingerie liquid lipsticks before they came out in the UK and it was great to actually be able to test all the colours out.

Elf matte lip colour in tea rose and a pretty red, wet n wild lip liners, la girl matte lipstick in grey, la girl lip paint and milani moisture lock lip treatment.

Barry m matte lipstick (from heathrow airport), a shit ton of wet n wild lipsticks and maybelline vivid matte liquid lipstick in red.
Wet n wild lipsticks hands down are the as you can see I got quite a few haha. It kinda became a game of getting every colour I liked which was nearly all of them and because they are so cheap why not! The maybelline vivid matte liquid lipstick is also really nice, not extremely matte but a nice comfortable formula and a stand out vivid red.


Wet n wild 1 step wonder gel, Kylie Jenner sinful colours true kolor, Essie polish and barry m mani mask in birthday suit (from heathrow airport).
The wet n wild 1 step wonder gel is amazing!! I wish I had tried it out in New York because I would of got allllll the colours! The Kylie Jenner polish is a super pretty unique shade and being sinful colours is great quality for a cheap price.

Target bits:

Eos lip balms and eos hand cream.
I am obsessed with the eos lip balms and target was the cheapest place I'd found to buy them as the price varied a lot. I also really like the hand cream as they tend to annoy me but this one completely sinks in and doesn't leave a horrible feeling.

Wet n wild coloricon ombré blush in the princess daiquiries and in a purple haze. 
These ombré blushes are apparently exclusive to Target and I am so happy I found them as Tati on youtube raved about them and she has great taste. I think there were 4 shades to choose from but I liked these two the most. They are beautiful if you mix the lighter and darker shade together or use them singularly and are a bargain for essentially having three different blush shades in one compact.

So as you can see girl went shopping! Hopefully what I've found to be great products will help you out in buying some new bits you haven't tried before. Stand out brand is definitely wet n wild, I wish we had it here!! If you want any more info on shade names I haven't given just let me know and I shall dig them out as everything has worked it's way into my stash now as I took this pictures a while ago now. Everything I brought was definitely worth the over weight baggage charge haha. I am tempted to do a 'what's in my bag?' with my Michael Kors bag I brought in New York as it is my first designer bag and biggest purchase even though I got it from Nordstrom rack and saved a ton but let me know if that is something you would be interested in!

As I came back from hols at the end of March I have obviously done more shopping as clearly I needed more makeup haha so keep your eyes peeled for more hauls and reviews. I am really hoping to be more active on my little corner of the web as I love taking pictures and really enjoy writing. My mood can change a lot because I have bpd (Borderline personality disorder) but I am trying to kinda not ignore it I guess but work with it and when I am feeling positive and productive to make the most of it. I also had/have a Vitamin D deficiency so getting that sorted/sorting it is definitely giving me more energy! *party*

Talk soon! - Amy x

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Second half of my New York trip! - Path train to New Jersey, Carlos Bakery, epic views, amazing doughnuts and being a real tourist!

The second half of my trip was mainly spent shopping and sight seeing all the stuff you just look at/doesn't cost anything to do if that makes sense! It was really nice to just walk around and take everything in without having a tight schedule like I had with the first half because of trying to make the most of buying the New York pass. I'm pretty sure this post will have even more photos than the last so prepare yourself! Also I think I forgot to say when I actually went haha It was the 20th - the 28th March 2016 so these posts are a long time coming sorry! I literally had over 1000 photos to sort out so that's why and now the images of a bunny made out of flowers will make sense haha.


- Taking the path train over to Hoboken New Jersey.
- Alllllll the cookies at Carlos Bakery.
- The amazing views from Pier A in Hoboken, I spent at least an hour here.
- Carlos Bakery was pretty epic and one of the sisters, Maddalena (who along with her husband are my faves on the show) was there. I have watched the show for years so it was cool to actually go there and there was a pretty big CVS and Walgreens either side- winning!
- I then hopped on the path train again to go to Newport New Jersey to visit the Newport Mall, In particular Kohls to pick up the Lorac Pro Palettes and luckily they had one of each left otherwise it would of been a 40 minute Uber ride to an Ulta haha. I thought it was funny how I found a C & A together as my twins name is Clare. I really rate the Newport Mall because every shop you could want was there and in one place.
- I went to Times Square yet again to M&M and Hersey's world to buy a souvenir for my mum and saw a police officer on a horse letting the kids stroke it, that would never happen in the UK! Obviously I did more shopping for me, the Sephora on Times Square was my favourite one and Times Square in general it is absolutely magical at night.


- Love sculpture, Sephora, Swanky department stores and Sprinkles cupcake atm! An expensive ATM but a pretty cool experience non the less.
- Dylan's candy bar which was the most amazing sweet shop I've ever seen in my life and interesting fact, It was created by the Daughter of Ralph Lauren.
- St. Patrick's Cathedral, The Rockefeller center (both of which are beautiful to look around) and a bunny made out of flowers to celebrate Easter.
- New York Public Library.
- Grand Central Station and a yummy Shake shack for Dinner which is a must, burger and shake HEAVEN.
- Chrysler Building.
-  Flat Iron Building which looks incredible in person, The Empire State building at night and some yummy doughnuts from Dough which you definitely need to try! and If you walk back towards The Empire State on 5th you pass some really cool shops.


- Chilling in Central Park, in particular the Bethesda Fountain and Boat house. The Bethesda terrace is stunning and their was a group singing acapella and with the acoustics it sounded incredible. It was such a sunny day so it was lovely to have a wander around Central Park and take everything in.
- Sitting in Herald Square about a minute from my hotel (West 35th was the street my hotel was on so I had to capture it!) enjoying my last meal *cries* which was actually really yummy so I definitely recommend potbelly sandwich shop.


Finally waking up on the plane the next day to a pretty epic sunrise up in the sky and views of London from the sky. Left is Richmond and right is Twickenham Stadium.

What I would do to be back in New York right now!! I definitely plan on going back next year but perhaps for just 4 days this time as I want to actually go inside the New York Public Library, find the Alice in Wonderland Statue in Central Park and the bull statue near/on Wall Street. Other than that I managed to do everything I had planned and more. I could of done more but by the end of it my feet were in so much pain from blisters on the bottom, yes the bottom?!?!, of my feet I physically couldn't walk a great distance anymore. It will be great to go back for a few days and have more of chilled less scheduled trip. I have been having a butchers and prices are around £700-£750 with my choice of hotel so I think I'll book in the new year after I've got Portugal and Iceland out of the way, hah what a jet setter!

Well bloody done if you have managed to get through all of this and if you just looked at the pictures that's okay too hah. I think my next post will be a New York drugstore haul so keep your eyes peeled! - Amy x

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